Located in the west of Turkey and on the Aegean shores, İzmir, the pearl of the Aegean, is the third largest city in Turkey. With its 8.500 year history, fertile land, favorable climate, 629 km coastline, 300 sunny days a year, a sea that offers every shade of blue and the heritage left behind by the 32 civilizations it has been a home to, İzmir is ready for you to discover.

İzmir owes its position as an economically and socially dynamic city to its location, climate and the fact that it has been a home to many different cultures and religions. Persians, Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans are just a few of the dozens of different civilizations that the city has hosted throughout its long history.

The fact that almost half of its population of 4 million are under the age of 30, makes İzmir a city full of life. The city hosts tens of thousands of university students, educates scientists, artists, business leaders and academics.

With its perfect climate, İzmir has a wonderful natural environment for agricultural products such as olives, figs, grapes and cotton. Various sea food, wines, local herbs, olive oil and the delicious cuisine make İzmir an attractive city also for gourmets.

The city of a magnificent history, the blue sea, delicious cuisine, freedom and healing;
The destination of a happy vacation, İzmir is ready to welcome you with a shining sun, turquoise waters and sandy beaches...


  • Three of the "Seven Churches” mentioned in the Bible are in Izmir.
  • The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is in Izmir.
  • Parchment paper was discovered in Bergama.
  • The first church that was built for Virgin Mary is in Ephesus.
  • The snake figure which is the symbol of medicine was originated in Bergama.
  • The first healing temple (Asclepius) was built in Izmir in the name of the God of Healing, Asclepius.
  • Homer, the author of the epics of Iliad and Odyssey, is from Izmir.
  • Stating that everything has changed by saying "You can never step in the same river twice”, the famous philosopher Heraclitus (BC 540-480) lived in Izmir.
  • One of the writers of the Bible, St. John, passed away in Izmir. His tomb is still in the city.
  • Klazomenai, the first oil workshop of the world to be discovered to date is in Urla.
  • The first temple in the name of the Goddess Athena was built in Izmir.
  • Herbal therapy, psychotherapy and natural therapy was first used in Izmir.
  • The famous doctor of the ancient times, Galen (AD 131-210), lived in Bergama.
  • Philosopher and poet Xenophanes lived in Kolofon in 6th Century BC.
  • Philosopher Anaxagoras (BC 500-428) lived in Clazomente (today's Urla)
  • The famous singer Dario Moreno lived in Izmir.
  • The first and the single village with a theatre is Bademli.
  • The first library of Asia was built in Izmir with 200.000 books.
  • The oldest bridge known (BC 850) was built over the Meles River near Izmir.
  • "Izmir International Fair" that has been organized since 1931 every August is the oldest traditional fair of Turkey.
  • Izmir has 8 universities and 4 techno parks.

Izmir is a book without an ending.
You will be amazed as you go through the pages.


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